Festivals t2peru

Event: All Saints Day
Date:November 01
Activities: The worship of the dead was a common and respected practice during pre-Hispanic times in Peru. Today, the old traditions are combined with the Christians ones, creating an interesting festival. The festival takes place on November 1 and is dedicated to the memory of the dead. Peruvians attend the Mass and then head to the cemeteries bringing flowers and food to share with the souls of the dead.

Event: Carnivals
Date: February
Activities: The carnivals in the Peruvian highlands are colorful and joyful. They take place during February. A typical ceremony is yunza, when a big tree, full of gifts, is planted somewhere. Then they have to cut the tree down and the couple that gives the final cut is in charge of the yunza the following year. During the entire month of February, water is thrown at each other, not only during the carnivals.
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